For the first time ever, I decided that my fans should be the ones who throw the dart at the world map. Whatever country they’ll hit, I’ll make it my next destination. So when I recently visited Cartagena, Colombia, I invited the six ‘amigos’ who were there for The Spark Experience to throw the dart at the map for me!

But who is going to win? Which hit are we selecting? Well, there were some rules for that and the result came out perfectly!

Where will I go? Here is the 3-min. video:

As you can see, we had two winners, as we couldn’t differentiate them anymore. So I am going to Argentina and Brazil, not only where I will be filming Travel by Dart, but also where I invite you to come with me! Join me in my Argentinian adventure (Wine, Tango & Arts theme) HERE or sign up for my Brazilian trip (Rio de Janeiro & Amazon Jungle theme) HERE.

If you can’t make it, sign up the form below to let you know when the episodes are live!